If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla

About Mary

Mary encourages a Be Healthy-Stay Healthy approach to life, by promoting and developing natural health practices.  She is interested in how the emotions impact physical health and how trauma is held in the body.  It is her belief that every body has the innate ability to heal and she offers a safe therapeutic space to support the healing journey. 

Mary is a Licensed and Insured Acupuncture Practitioner.  She graduated from the School of Five Element Acupuncture in 2005 after receiving comprehensive training in 5 Element Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine techniques.  

She volunteered with World Medicine in 2006. She completes regular CPD training in The Five Elements, Oriental Body Balance Therapy, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Fertility & Gynaecology.  

Mary is a student of Arwyn DreamWalker and Trish Cameron schools of Indigenous Native/Celtic Shamanic healing traditions.  She is a member of the Morningstar Lodge and Temple of Éiriú.  She has had over 20 years experience, working in Adult Mental Health, promoting physical activity in inpatient settings.

Mary has founded Element Acupuncture and Therapy Tribes, a cooperative network for Therapeutic Practitioners.

She has participated in Start Your Own Business, Lean Launch and the Empower Women’s Entrepreneur Programmes.

She is currently enrolled in a Trinity College Dublin, Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise Development, Phase 1 of New Frontiers and YCombinator Programme.

Mary continues to be inspired by anyone creating the pathways, for sustainable development, for all of who inhabit the planet.

“Be obsessive and passionate about what your do.” Boyan Slat, creator of Ocean Clean Up