“I love making the Invisible, Visible.”

Louie Schwartzberg, Inspirational Filmmaker, discusses Mother Nature, his greatest Teacher, how the flowers seduced him, how the wonder and awe of his dream inspires him daily. Take some time. Put your feet up. This will nourish your heart, mind and soul.


Men do it too! 

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture or Cosmetic Acupuncture is popular with my male clients too, as it is a whole body treatment. 

The stressed executive clients wish to erase the visible evidence of stress, treat its symptoms and get more energy! 

The sporty and active clients may have scars from competitive sports or have skin conditions from continued sun exposure.

Whatever their motivation is, the results are the same, their face, body and mind receive the benefits of completing a course of Cosmetic Acupuncture.

Whats your motivation?

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The 5 Elements


The 5 Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.  The 5 Elements are also known as the 5 Phases.  The Organs are classified and paired as Yin (Zang) Organs or Yang (Fu) Organs.  Each pairing of Yin/Yang or Zang/Fu Organs are matched with an Element.  Each Element has its own associations or correspondences.  

Diagnosis is made pulse diagnosis, abdominal diagnosis and with primary associations of Colour, Sound, Odour and Emotion.  Secondary associations include time of day, seasons and tastes. Each organ has a function its physical, emotion and spirit function.  During Consultation, skin tones and vocal tones, odour and emotions are observed, helping to diagnose which organs are showing symptoms.  The consultation will begin with the physical, though in 5 Elements we look at the emotion and spirit too.

The Wood Element is our Spring, in our energy cycles it is an urge to stretch or expand and move, it is birth and growth, it is hope and our ability to ‘see’ it, our literal and sensory vision.  Its organs are Liver and Gallbladder, its colour is Green, its sound is Shout, its emotion is Anger. 

The Fire Element is our Summer, our energy cycle is at the fullness of its capacity and expression.  It is laughter and joy, it is love and relationship.  It is unique as it has 2 pairs of organs, Heart and Small Intestine, Heart Protector and Triple Heater, its colour is Red, its sound is Laugh, its emotion is Joy.

The Earth Element is our Late Summer, our Harvest time, our energy cycle begins to gather its abundance, it is aware of its capabilities, it balances.  Its organs are the Spleen and Stomach, its colour is Yellow, its sound is Sing, its emotion is Worry.

The Metal Element is our Autumn, our energy cycle is conserving, reducing, letting go and dying off.  It organs are the Lungs and Large Intestine, its colour is White, its sound is Weep, its emotion is Grief.

The Water Element is our Winter, our energy cycle is in rest and recovery, silence, stillness and wisdom.  Its organs are the Kidney and Bladder, its colour is Blue, its sound is Groan, its emotion is Fear.   

Train Your Energy


Im often asked how is it possible to train you energy?  Energy is consciousness.  Where our thoughts go, our energy goes with it.  Most people have regular gym/circuit/sport training programmes to develop muscle tone, improve cardiovascular efficiency and general fitness.  Some people also work at training their minds, to increase mental focus and efficiency.  These techniques are more commonly seen in Corporate and Athletic environments.

What people may not realise is we need Energy to do any of this!  So if we want to be more efficient in the gym, we need our energy to be more efficient.  If we want to have more clarity and focus, we need more energy !  During Consultation, I ask questions about Energy to help diagnose any patterns of deficiency and any organs associated with these patterns.  I also ask questions like:

- What demands are placed on your energy?  How is your time divided between work/exercise/social/family?

- Is there balance? Is your energy supported or depleted?  

- How do you support and nurture your energy?

Through combining points and techniques from the 5 Elements system, I have developed a programme that will: 

- enhance your energy,

- increase your awareness of your energy, 

- address any changes in health,

- help you take charge of your health, 

- be tailored to your lifestyle.

I believe it is possible to train your energy, in ways similar to body and mind training programmes.  It is an active and conscious process.  It is your choice.  The 5 Elements system, offers ways to live more in tune with nature and to bring balance to busy lives.



Its always good to start with energy.  Energy is everything.  It is everywhere.  Some people understand energy as positive or negative. Most understand it in a conceptual way, as it is beyond our normal sight.

The oriental medicine systems will talk about the Tao (sounds like cow, pronounced dow) which is EVERYTHING.  Yin and Yang then are the opposites which have the seed of the other, always seeking to complement and balance each other.  Thats enough theory.  What does it mean in our every day?

When we move, walk, eat, sleep, poo, pee, think, talk, have sex, give birth, die, its an energetic process.  Its all energy.  Some activities will give us energy, some will consume our energy.  

Part of the journey is to become more aware of the balance of energy within us, so we know when we have the time and the energy to be active and when we need to recover or restore our energy.  

All of us, at some time (or most of the time), will use more energy than we have.  Humans have great stores of energy that allow us to do that for a while.  Most of us know when we are ‘burning the candle at both ends’ or that we are ‘over stretching ourselves’.

The reality for many people is that busy and stressful lifestyles are everyday.  Forever.  Thats ok for now.  We work with reality.  In clinic I assess your lifestyle and help you to identify some time, where you begin to restore and balance your energy.

In 5 Elements Acupuncture, we are taught we are born with or inherit 3 types of energy, the first is heavenly or ancestral qi (energy) which is from the divine, then we get some from mum and dad and some we get when we are born.  The first 2 we can do nothing about, the 3rd is our own energy which we can positively or negatively affect every day.  We can improve it with activity and nutrition, lifestyle.  We can enhance or deplete our energy levels.  That is our choice.

During treatment, it is your energy and your ability to heal, that I call on to heal your body.  I encourage you to become aware of the process and teach you methods you can do at home.  This practice becomes part of the foundation of your healing journey.  



Can I 'prove' Acupuncture works?  I cannot 'prove' it in a scientific way.  I know in my heart and the core of me, that it does work.  This week I had an opportunity to 'test' it, with techniques usually applied to sports performance.

Rob Kelly of Elite Performance, took a base line reading taken to establish how relaxed I was, followed by other techniques to take help me to relax further and get me into the 'zone'.  My baseline relaxation score was 25 (the higher the number the more relaxed you are).  With a guided breathing exercise, it increased to 37.  

While I was relaxed, I choose 2 Acupuncture points for the first test. I expected an initial reduction in the scores, as I usually feel some anxiety when doing Acupuncture on myself. I was amazed to see the score shoot up to 50 immediately upon needling!  I doubled my baseline relaxation score!  

We continued for another 10-15 minutes with the needles remaining.  My baseline relaxation score continued to increase, getting to a steady 68, peaking at 70 on one occasion.

With what seemed like a little effort for me, with gentle focussed breathing and only 2 needles, I had nearly tripled my baseline relaxation score. 

The 'zone' for me, is that space in clinic when I am connected with a clients energy.  I experience it during Meditation, Qi Gong and Tai Chi practice.  It is when I am connected within to my own energy.  It is a special feeling, what I call my 'superpowers'.

I have always 'felt' that Acupuncture has a powerful effect on the mind and the relaxed state, now I can say I have seen and tested its effects.  Im looking forward to my next superpowers training session.



Fear of needles is the main reason why people don’t try Acupuncture.  Phobia is about our fears.  I’m afraid.  Most of us have some type of fear.  Sometimes we are ready to look our fears head on.  Sometimes we need a bit more time.  And that is ok too.

I have a general fear of needles myself.   My perspective of acupuncture needles is different, so the fear is less present for me with them.  The acupuncture needles I work with are very fine, similar to a strand of hair.  I call them my ‘baby needles’. They are the thinest, shortest needles that I can work with.  These are for the very sensitive areas, like the face, or for sensitive points or for treating children, babies and anyone with a sensitive energy.  

Most points do not ‘hurt’, there may be a gentle sensation or awareness in that area, some will feel it in another part of the body usually along the meridian, some will feel a ‘strong’ sensation. 

It is your perception, I cannot tell how you will feel about it or how you will react.  Some swear or shout.  Most say ‘I didn't feel anything’.   I had a patient that told me every week “I love what you do to me, you burn me, then you stab me’. Either way it is a magical experience being witness when someone connects with their own energy.

When people are frightened, I check with them what their fear levels are.  And I check in with their energy too.  There is a threshold that I prefer not to go past.  

In line with Japanese Acupuncture traditions I prefer the energetic needling styles.  Depending on the needs, I may visualise the needles like crystal wands if my intention is to support the energy or more like swords if Im intending to ‘cut’ or remove negative energy.  

Western traditions and physical therapists generally use more deeper needling needling styles.  Dry Needling is not an Acupuncture technique.  One of the masters in acupuncture says it is not necessary for the patient to ‘feel’ the points but it is necessary that the acupuncturist ‘feel’ the energy.  She would test her students, they had to treat her, if she felt the needle, she failed them.

You don't have to have the needles, I work with a variety of treatment modalities including moxibustion, micro-massage, meridian therapy, acupressure, qi gong, gua sha and ear seeds.  We will begin with 1 needle and build from there. 

There is a point when discomfort becomes pain, I chose not to go there.  There is enough pain in the world, I choose not to add to it.  I will help your body to release and heal pain patterns, I will not compound patterns of pain or trauma.


In 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) listed a number of conditions in which they say acupuncture has been proven effective.

These include:

Other conditions for which the WHO say that acupuncture may help but more evidence is needed include:

  • fibromyalgia

  • neuralgia

  • post-operative convalescence

  • substance, tobaccor and alcohol dependence

  • spine pain

  • stiff neck

  • vascular dementia

  • whooping cough, or pertussis

  • Tourette syndrome

The WHO also suggest that it may help treat a number of infections, including some urinary tract infections and epidemic hemorrhagic fever.