Acupuncture and Sports Injuries

The term Sports Injury can describe either an acute or chronic injury.  Acute injuries are, soft tissue injuries like sprains, strains, inflammation or fractured bone.  The factors that increase your risk of getting a Sports Injury are: inadequate training/over training, overloading the system, poor rest/recovery times, minimal warm up/cool down/stretch routines and training with injury.  Injuries are further complicated by competition/event demands and stress.

Common injuries include plantar fascitis, achilles tendinopathy, shin splints, ligament/hamstraing injury, groin/lumbar strain, stress fracture, dislocation, rotator cuff injury and tennis/golfer elbow.  Typically there is inflammation, pain or tenderness, red or purple bruising and reduced range of motion.  With any fresh injury, it is assumed that sufficient investigation has occurred to determine the extent of injury, and diagnosis is given by a suitably qualified professional.

Modern research has proven that acupuncture can successfully treat many sports injuries by releasing neurochemicals which stimulate the nervous system, thereby reducing the pain pattern and increasing the relaxation response.  Acupuncture is an efficient, natural treatment with no side effects. 

The 5 Element Traditional Acupuncture treatment plan is specific to each patient.  The plan aims to treat the injury by relieving pain, reducing inflammation, increase healing, repair tissue, restore power and range of motion.   The treatment plan will also support the patient through the range of emotional challenges typically associated with sports injuries. 

Patients are encouraged to integrate Acupuncture Therapy into their training programme, so that the body and mind are supported through all stages of their training to event/competition, and to minimise risk of injuries, to increase recovery times and to increase energy, circulation and performance.

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