The Energy Whisperer

The most common question that people ask me is, 

“Will you tell me what this Acupuncture thing is all about?”.  

I used to begin by explaining Yin and Yang, the 5 Elements and Chinese Medicine theory.  Some people will tell me they don't understand it.  And some people wont tell me they don't understand it, they just nod.  

It is a challenge to put Acupuncture Theory into a context that people will understand.  For context most of us need something familiar when we are trying to understand anything that is new.  

I was having this conversation recently in clinic. The patient was nodding helpfully.  I wasn't convinced they understood.  So I said to my patient, 

“Basically my energy, 

Talks to your energy”.  

His eyes lit up.  He laughed and replied 

Ah I see, 

So you are a bit like the Dog Whisperer, 

You are the Energy Whisperer”.  

I laughed too, agreeing with him.  

This warm hearted anecdote is invaluable.  There is a place to begin the story and create the context.  It helps to explain, why I place needles in specific locations on the body, which focuses and directs the energy, to relieve pain, to help detox the organs or to boost the immune system.