It takes courage to walk into my treatment room, and tell me your story.  People tell their story in so many ways. 

There are words that people use to describe themselves.  There are the stories that are repeated and there are the stories that are inherited, that they were told when they were children.

There is the physical expressions, posture and body language too.  

There is energy and its expressions, always.  They all tell a story.  

My job is to interpret all of the stories.  Then find the most suitable acupuncture points to support the body, helping it become the best possible version of itself. 

It is profound.  It is the essence of what I do.  

During treatment there is the moment, when the connection happens within.  

Sometimes it is a deep intake of breath.  

Sometimes it is like immense peace, or stillness.  

Sometimes it is a deep relaxation.  

Sometimes it is joyful expression.

And sometimes it is tears.

I am witness to these moments.  For this I am deeply humbled and thankful.  

This moment for me, is where Miracles happen.