Maybe Jesus was an Acupuncturist…


Inherently, I believe that each and every body has an innate ability to heal.   I am fortunate to witness many healing journeys.  When someone comes for treatment, I call to their own energy to help heal their body.    I do not do the healing for them, as that is their journey.  

Healing is a journey, whether the process is physical, energetic or spiritual.  We accept that if you get a cut, there will be a bit of blood, a scab with form, and it will heal.  Equally we accept that Jesus, the man, worked Miracles.  We don’t fully understand how either of these happened.  Yet we trust and accept that they do.

What is less well known about Jesus, is that he travelled to the Middle and Far East in his 20’s.  So bear with me for a moment.  Is it such a leap to consider that he may have studied Buddhism? Ayurveda?  Yoga? Martial Arts? Meditation? Or what we now call Oriental Medicine?

Is it such a stretch?  Consider this.  Maybe Jesus was on his own healing journey, knowing what was ahead of him, taking time out for himself, to spend time with the mystics, the healers, the shamans and the medicine people.  Maybe he learnt from exploring, experiencing, receiving and learning the many ways of compassion and healing.  

Now, bring this possibility back into your body, into your heart, into your mind and into your spirit.  This possibility is present for each of us.