What is Stress?

‘Im having a moment.”

“Stress” is one of the most common complaints seen in Clinic (Pain is No 2). It is linked to numerous health conditions. We have all experienced it and will continue to experience it.  It is so prevalent in society, we take it for granted and accept it as normal.  

There is positive stress.  We need it to motivate ourselves, to get stuff done or we would just stay the same.  We go beyond what we currently believe is our natural capacity, we recover or integrate, then we do it all over again.  Its the stress that helps us change.  Its the stuff that makes us want to make a difference.  It helps us to live, evolve, survive and thrive.

There is negative stress.  When we continue to go beyond our natural capacity, physical or mental, have no recovery, and we continue to ramp it up!  This can be exciting, addictive, infectious even.  It can also be depleting, exhausting and lead to serious ill-health. 

Too much of both types of stress will create a disruption in the natural energy balance.   This originates in the Auto-Immune System.  The Para-Sympathetic system is our 'rest and digest' function.  The Sympathetic System is our 'fight or flight' function.  Most of us are switched into our 'fight or flight' regularly or constantly.  

Over time this creates a deficit.  Any deficit will result in imbalance.  The energetic system needs to be in balance to function efficiently.  It naturally seeks to balance in every moment, to adjust into 'rest and digest' function naturally.  This takes time to learn.  Begin by breathing!

Typically in Stress conditions, most organs and their energies will indicate imbalance. Symptomatically, Stress can present in the physical, emotional or mental health.  The physical structure and posture is affected by stress, when someone is literally ‘carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders’.  Pain, tension, reduced flexibility and mobility, are common in shoulders, back and neck, lower back and pelvis.  

Stress takes its toll on the emotions and mental health too.  Some people will describe ‘having a knot in their stomach’ or their ‘nerves are stretched to breaking’.  They can feel under pressure to perform, they cant sleep, they cant eat, something is going round and round in their head.  They are unable to relax, they cant relax, they cant switch off, they are permanently on alert (fight or flight).  

Add poor nutrition, lack of exercise/excessive exercise, weak immune system, poor coping skills, alcohol or drugs to that and its becomes a very loaded system.

How can 5 Element Acupuncture benefit Stress?

The energy or Qi is regulated through diagnosis of the Causative Factor or main Element and subsequent treatment of the main Element.  Treatment begins with a detox for all of the systems, then further supportive and energising treatments are given.  Guided meditations and exercise are added to reduce stress.

When balance is restored in the systems, the typical effect felt is a calming or quieting of the mind, this brings quite or calm into the heart which begins the process where all of the organs are is able to support the body.  Increasingly over time the body remembers how to remain in this relaxed state and the mind is better able to accept the need.


Sport Body, Sport Mind, Sport Energy

5 Element Acupuncture is applied to treat Sports Injury, to enhance Recovery and Readiness to Participate, to improve Sport Performance and Sport Enhancement.  

Athletes and Sports people, integrate 5 Element Acupuncture Therapy into their training programme, so that they can train their energy, as efficiently as they train their body and their mind. 

The 5 Element  system, supports the body, mind and energy, through all stages of training to event/competition, 

    - to optimise energy and physical output
    - to minimise risk of injuries
    - to increase recovery response times
    - to increase energy and circulation
    - to enhance mental agility
    - to boost sport performance 

Clients report having “alot more energy” during a match or competitive event and “hardly needing any recovery the next day” as some of the benefits felt after 1 treatment.  With regular treatments, they report being “more relaxed” during a game or competition and having better “instinct” during event/match/competition.

5 Element Traditional Acupuncture is an efficient, natural treatment with no side effects.  Research supports that Acupuncture is beneficial to many aspects of Sport Performance, Recovery and Injury.  

A 5 Element  Acupuncture Treatment Plan is specific to each patient.  After consultation, a diagnosis of the main element is made, then treatment is planned according to the needs of the Element, the energetic systems and the physical body.

Sports Injury

The term Sports Injury can describe either an acute or chronic injury.  Acute injuries are sudden events such as when 2 players collide or running and twisting an ankle or pulling a hamstring.  Typically there is an intense sharp pain, there maybe be loss of mobility and reduced range of movement.  Usually there is swelling and bruising.  These are traumatic soft tissue injuries like sprains, strains, inflammation or fractured bone.  

Chronic injuries are developed over a period of time, typically clients have received a minor sports injury, have had little or no treatment, and continue to train without giving the body adequate time to heal and recover.  They are also called overuse injuries.  As they are perceived as minor injuries, they are not taken seriously.  If they are left unattended they may increase symptomatically with more pain or inflammation and less mobility and poorer performance.

The factors that increase your risk of getting a Sports Injury are: inadequate training/over training, overloading the system, poor rest/recovery times, minimal warm up/cool down/stretch routines and training with injury.  Injuries are further complicated by competition/event demands and stress. 

Common injuries include plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, shin splints, ligament/hamstring injury, groin/lumbar strain, stress fracture, dislocation, rotator cuff injury and tennis/golfer elbow.  

With any type of injury, it is assumed that sufficient investigation has occurred to determine the extent of injury, and diagnosis is given by a suitably qualified professional.

The treatment plan will address all aspects of an injury, treating for shock and trauma as well as to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, increase healing, repair tissue, restore power and range of motion.   

In 5 Element Acupuncture there is equal emphasis placed on the physical aspect as on the emotional aspect.  The treatment plan will support the athlete/sport person through the range of emotional challenges that are part of training regimes, through any injury, through recovery and with the demands of their sport.

Acupuncture treats sports injuries by releasing neurochemicals which stimulate the nervous system, thereby reducing the pain pattern and increasing the relaxation response.  Regular acupuncture treatment also boosts the immune system, circulation and hormonal balance.