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Im a Dreamer.

Im not the only One.

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Oprah’s Woohoo!

Here is Oprah receiving Acupuncture live on her show. She is a bit nervous about the Treatment, which is natural. She asks really helpful questions.

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I love Acupuncture and everything about it with a driven passion. I love learning about Business and Entrepreneurship too. I feel blessed with the Business Development opportunities Ive experienced so far.
Currently Im working with Trinity College Dublin Innovation and Entreprise Development Programme.
This is us.

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“The Mastery of Acupuncture, arises from its ability, consciously, to sculpt the Mystery of Healing.”
— Paul Hougham, author The Atlas of Mind, Body and Spirit


Powerful therapy

I really enjoyed a recent treatment with Mary where I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, aware and intuitive as a therapist. The session in itself was very relaxing and healing and I felt my energy flowing long after the needles were removed. Mary is very friendly and grounded in her approach and I find she has a very calming effect. Thank you Mary, you have a special kind of magic in your healing and therapy practice.

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I have read the sacred book (of the origin of the universe). It states that in the vast void of the universe exists the primordial origin of life. The five elemental phases follow the cycles of heaven and combine with the six original cosmic energies that encompass and embrace the entire universe. They set the rhythm for the growth, development, maturation and death of all things.
— The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine.