Element has a vision for an integrated therapeutic healthcare system. Element

works directly with and is happy to endorse the following therapeutic practitioners:

Siobhán Hennelly and Emer Burke are both passionate about empowering women to achieve the body, lifestyle, and family they deserve. In the world today, there is so much conflicting information out there about what you should eat, how you should exercise, who you should listen to, when should you have sex and even where you should have it! They have created a space where women can come together in a safe environment without pressure to do or say or take anything.  

Trish Cameron, is an impeccable medicine woman with 25 years of study of Old Irish and Native American traditions. She completed a 15 year apprenticeship with the renowned teacher, shaman and medicine woman Dr. Arwyn DreamWalker and is an accredited member of the MorningStar Lodge and the Temple of Éiriú. Trish facilitates Hand Fastings, Wedding Blessings, Baby Naming Ceremonies, House Cleansing and Blessings, Sweat Lodges and Goddess Ceremonies.

Penny Jones specialises in women’s and babies health and well being during Pregnancy, Birth and the Postnatal period. She has attained a Diploma in teaching Pregnancy Yoga through Birthlight and Postnatal Yoga teacher with Sitaram Partnership. She has completed a hypnobirthing course, the Marie Mongan method which compliments the pregnancy yoga and birth preparation classes.

Rob Kelly is a Professional Performance Mind Coach based in Salthill, Galway. He teaches people how to overcome any limiting beliefs or mental barriers that prevent them reaching peak performance states in Sports, Business & Academics. He has a Holistic & Scientific approach to High Performance, specialising in Focus & Awareness Training.

Elite performance

Kay Gilliland, is a Psychotherapist and Template Healing Senior Teacher who offers 1:1 and Group Therapy and Healing. 

The prayer was that if the Dream was one of substance and beauty for the Earth, that if it had merit, then as the Dreamers sang themselves fully into consciousness and sang the Dream of their Heart and Soul, all that had held this would respond and the Dream would come into being, a Dream now birthed of the stars and walked of the Earth, a Dream that had been challenged, tested, tempered in the fires of the Earth Star and cooled in the Pool of Reflection. Here the Dreamer looks in and sees the reality or the illusion of that which they had brought so long ago.
— Arwyn DreamWalker