2 Hour Consult & Treatment: €100

1 & 1/2 Hour Consult & Treatment: €90

1 Hour Treatment:  €60

45 min Treatment: €50

1/2 Hour:  €40 

1/2 Hour Consultation: €40

1/2 Hour Phone Consult: €40

Moxa Consult & Prescription: €20


Elite Performance


Many sports understand that an integrated mind/body approach creates successful athletes and sportspeople. Mary believes this can be further developed where the energy can be developed and trained with the same intention to boost sports performance. She has developed the 5 Element Energy Training Programme to:

improve Sport Performance and Sport Enhancement,

optimise energy and physical output

improve Readiness to Participate,

identify and address Barriers to Participation,

enhance mental agility and cognitive responses,

increase energy and circulation,

increase Recovery Response Time,

address Injury Mechanisms,

identify Injury Patterns,

reduce overall risk of Sports Injury,

treat Sports Injury, 

The 5 Element Energy Training Programme, helps athletes and sportspeople, train their energy, as efficiently as they train their body and their mind.  It supports the body, mind and energy, through all stages of training to event/competition. Clients are encouraged to develop a training programme that balances the Active phase with the Rest and Recovery phase to create optimum training programmes.

The Active phase is conditioning/power/core/flexibility training, field/drills and the match/game/event itself. 

The Rest and Recovery phase includes hydration, sleep, stretching, injury assessment, physiotherapy, acupuncture. gentle forms of yoga, tai chi, meditation and reflection, when you are mindful of your energy input as well as output.

Clients report having more energy during competitive events and needing less recovery. They also report being feeling more relaxed and have better clarity and instinct.

A 5 Element Energy Training Plan is specific to each client.  After consultation, a diagnosis of the main element is made, then treatment is planned according to the needs of the Element, the energetic systems, the physical body, training programme and events calendar. 5 Element Acupuncture is an efficient, natural treatment with no side effects. Research supports that Acupuncture is beneficial to many aspects of Sport Performance, Recovery and Injury.  


"Big thanks to Mary Lally, in 5 Elements Acupuncture. This year I've been putting a lot of work into rest & recovery for the body & the mind while also enhancing energy levels to the best of my ability.

Since having treatment with Mary, I've noticed several changes in my energy levels during matches, that I'm performing consistently better, along with other areas like how to lower the risk of injuries & increase mental agility, so my mind is fit & feeling fit. It is something I've never tried before but I'd highly recommend it.

Another benefit I found was the moxa treatment as I'm someone who regularly picks up colds & flus I've found this treatment highly effective in aiding the cold/flu to clear up."

- Shane Walsh, Galway Senior Football Panel