Stress Acupuncture

The medicine for my suffering I had within me from the very beginning but I did not take it. My ailment came from within myself, but I did not observe it until this moment. Now I see I will never find the light unless, like a candle, I am my own fuel.
— Bruce Lee

2 Hour Consult & Treatment: €100

1 & 1/2 Hour Treatment: €90

1 Hour Treatment:  €60

45 min Treatment: €50

1/2 Hour:  €40 

1 Hour Consultation: €40

1/2 Hour Phone Consult: €40

Moxa Consult & Prescription: €20

“Stress” is one of the most common conditions seen in Clinic. It is linked to numerous physical and mental health conditions. It is so prevalent in society, we take it for granted and accept it as normal.  

All of us have experienced some form of Stress. Positive stress is needed to motivate ourselves, to get stuff done or we would just stay the same.  We go beyond what we currently believe is our natural capacity, we recover or integrate, then we do it all over again.  Its the stress that helps us change.  Its the stuff that makes us want to make a difference.Negative stress is when it becomes a pattern, when we continue to go beyond our natural, physical or mental capacity, when there is no recovery or down time, and when we continue to ramp it up!  While this is exciting, addictive and infectious,  it is also depleting, exhausting and leads to burn-out and chronic health conditions. 

Too much of either type of stress will create a disruption in the natural energy balance.  Over time this creates a deficit.  Any deficit creates imbalance.  The energetic system needs to be in balance to function efficiently.  It naturally seeks to balance in every moment.  Typically in Stress conditions, most organs and their energies will indicate imbalance.  

Symptomatically, Stress can present in the physical, emotional or mental health.  Over time it will present in all areas of our life.  The physical structure and posture is affected by stress, when someone is literally ‘carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders’.  Pain, tension, reduced flexibility and mobility, are common in shoulders, back and neck, lower back and pelvis.  

Stress takes its toll on the emotions and mental health too.  Some people will describe ‘having a knot in their stomach’ or their ‘nerves are stretched to breaking’.  They can feel under pressure to perform, they cant sleep, they cant eat, something is going round and round in their head.  They are unable to relax, they cant relax, they cant switch off, they are permanently on alert.  

Stress affects our Sex Health and Intimacy.  People become 'burnt out' as energy, fertility, hormones and body image is affected.  Partners may feel 'I'm just going through the motions', or 'I've lost my desire'. Stress takes away any desire or energy to make love.

Add poor nutrition, lack of exercise/excessive exercise, weak immune system, poor coping skills, alcohol or drugs to that and its becomes a very loaded and complicated complaint.

How can 5 Element Acupuncture benefit Stress?

5 Element Acupuncture will detox your system and clear the blocks to your energy.  You will feel energised and be better able to deal with life.  You will have energy for life, exercise and sex.  Sex is a natural stress reliever!

The energy or Qi is regulated through diagnosis of the Causative Factor or main Element and subsequent treatment of the main Element.  Treatment begins with a detox for all of the systems, then further supportive and energising treatments are given.  Guided meditations, acupressure, moxibustion and exercise are added to reduce stress.

When balance is restored in the systems, the typical effect felt is a calming or quieting of the mind, this brings quite or calm into the heart which begins the process where all of the organs are is able to support the body.  Increasingly over time the body remembers how to remain in this relaxed state and the mind is better able to accept the need.

Hope is not just one single quality or promise. Hope has to do with believing beyond knowing that there is a garden of beauty that awaits us. Hope encourages us to follow our dreams, to believe in the part of us that envisions a new way. Hope is trusting that what is happening will eventually make sense.

Hope assures us each morning that our life is of value, no matter how unsettling or disturbing it may be. Hope encourages our hearts not to give up and urges us when it is time to move on. Hope doesn’t need words or proofs or conditions.

Hope accepts mystery and offers the gift of solid trust to the unknown. Hope doesn’t pretend it is going to be easy. Wherever there is hope, there is also struggle. Sometimes the hope may be fragile, it may be hard to reach but it is always there for the sowers. 
— Sr Stanislaus Kennedy


"I first meet Mary Lally when she was giving a talk to the Entrepreneurs of a course I was attending. One of the things that stood out to me most about Mary was the passion with which she spoke about her business. I felt intrigued to find out more. I went to her to get work done on my back and my posture. Going in I was a little apprehensive as I had a difficult time with needles in the past( I used to go to the hospital for regular steroid injections in my chest=painful).

Mary has a very gifted way of putting you at ease and she has created such a relaxed atmosphere in her practice, that any apprehension I had, was long forgotten soon after we got chatting. I had 6 sessions with Mary at Element Acupuncture. The difference it made not only to my posture but my general health was amazing. It's hard to describe, but I felt kind of free, like a weight had been taken off my back & shoulders. I also felt an increase in my energy levels and a new found boost in confidence. I am continuing to see Mary on a monthly basis.

I see these sessions now as a kind of treat to myself after a hard months work, where I get the opportunity to escape my busy life for an hour and unwind. The best part of this is the feeling of being re-energised and ready to take on whatever life throws at me for the forthcoming month! I would highly recommend Mary Lally and Element Acupuncture to anyone who feels they need to start taking better care of themselves both mentally & physically, and also anyone that is looking for that bit of quality "My Time". This truly is money & time well spent. Thank you Mary."

Rob Kelly, Elite Sports Mind Coaching