I have never had such a painless…

I have never had such a painless acupuncture experience. I barely noticed the needles, and the whole treatment was very relaxing. Mary put some acupuncture seeds onto point in my ears, I love them. Its like the treatment that just keeps on giving. 10/10 would go again!

Powerful therapy

I really enjoyed a recent treatment with Mary where I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, aware and intuitive as a therapist. The session in itself was very relaxing and healing and I felt my energy flowing long after the needles were removed. Mary is very friendly and grounded in her approach and I find she has a very calming effect. Thank you Mary, you have a special kind of magic in your healing and therapy practice. Aisling.

Mary is caring, attentive, skilled, and committed to her patients. Her knowledge and abilities are incredible, and she cares deeply about her work. As well as the physical healing experience, a treatment with Mary will leave you feeling calm, peaceful, and ready for the world. Wonderful. CNC

Very good facial acupuncture

Mary is a very professional and knowledgeable practitioner. I felt completely at ease with her, and I could relax and enjoy the session.The atmosphere is very welcoming, and there is always kindness and compassion. She seems to be able to read a situation so well, and be able to offer the exact remedy needed, complete with expert valuable advice of a holistic nature. I have had only two sessions so far, but am looking forward to another four to six before commenting on the effects on lines and wrinkles. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary one hundred percent! - MNC

Going to Mary for my first experience with acupuncture was brilliant. She has a very calming way about her and I felt in save hands from the moment I walked in the door. Even just chatting to her you feel like she is there to help you get to the root of your issues. I am really looking forward to my weekly sessions with Mary and would definitely encourage anyone thinking to try acupuncture to give Element Acupuncture and Mary a try!:)

Have been to lots of acupuncture clinics, Mary at Element is by far the best in Galway. Its not just an acupuncture treatment.... Mary's intuition, her caring nature, all the added "elements" she brings to each treatment are unique. You may wish to try acupuncture to address a specific issue but the overall holistic approach that she brings to a session, enhance overall well-being and address other subtle blockages that maybe going on. Look forward to weekly sessions, see it as a restore and repair treatment, and a booster for over all well being for the week ahead! Thank you Mary

Amazing therapist and person

I say it to her regularly, but meeting Mary has been like meeting my guardian angel! She's the most incredibly inituitive, caring, understanding and all-encompassing therapist I have ever been to. She has the ability to know just what you need, even when you don't yourself. You step into a gorgeous warm, safe and comfortable environment, and every time I leave it's like having been reset, physically and mentally. A gifted, magical lady with the kindest heart and amazing ability. Couldn't recommend highly enough, regardless of the ailment. If I could have Mary time every day, I would ! R.K.

I initially went to Mary in Element Acupuncture for a cosmetic acupuncture appointment. However, I received so much more than that. Mary did a full consultation on me.. both physically and mentally. The treatment I received that day and since has been so beneficial to my wellbeing that I now attend Mary's practice on a monthly basis to ensure that I am at full capacity. When I'm feeling like I have a cold coming on, she will reduce the symptoms. When I'm feeling stressed I come out of a session floating. She is the best therapist I have ever come across and I would encourage anyone thinking of trialling acupuncture to get a consultation.


"I had dabbled in acupuncture in the past but never felt fulfilled after the experience...that was until I met Mary.  A warm, safe & welcoming environment set the tone for what became a journey for me both physically & emotionally. I originally attended Mary with the intention of having Cosmetic Acupuncture. However I soon realised that 5 element acupuncture was to play a huge part in my overall well being. Mary's caring, calm yet professional way made me feel at ease from the start.

We started a therapeutic journey together which ultimately led to me discussing my desire to become pregnant but how it hadn't "happened". Being the wrong side of 30 I knew my time was running out but didn't want to embark on the IVF journey. So instead Mary took me on a holistic journey over 3 months involving lots of chats, meditation & applying the principles of 5 Element Acupuncture. Fast forward 9 months later & we welcomed the greatest joy to our life...our happy, healthy little baby boy.

Mary was with me throughout my entire pregnancy...low energy, sinus congestion, digestion, back ache, hormonal days...all the things that came with each trimester Mary adapted the treatment as necessary. At the final "hurdle" I was due to be induced. Mary again saw me every day in the run up to this & as a result I avoided induction & laboured naturally. So I couldn't but recommend Mary & 5 Element Acupuncture as an alternative for anyone considering fertility treatment. My little boy has great a connection with Mary already & I have a feeling he's going to be a regular customer going forward too."     
- M. C.

"Big thanks to Mary Lally, in 5 elements acupuncture. This year I've been putting a lot of work into rest & recovery for the body & the mind while also enhancing energy levels to the best of my ability.

Since having treatment with Mary, I've noticed several changes in my energy levels during matches, that I'm performing consistently better, along with other areas like how to lower the risk of injuries & increase mental agility, so my mind is fit & feeling fit. It is something I've never tried before but I'd highly recommend it.

Another benefit I found was the moxa treatment as I'm someone who regularly picks up colds & flus I've found this treatment highly effective in aiding the cold/flu to clear up."
- Shane Walsh, Galway Senior Football Panel

Awesome experience.

Awesome experience.. Mary was totally on the ball..i felt great when i went in but even better when i came out!! Back again next week for more! B.B.

"I first meet Mary Lally when she was giving a talk to the Entrepreneurs of a course I was attending. One of the things that stood out to me most about Mary was the passion with which she spoke about her business. I felt intrigued to find out more. I went to her to get work done on my back and my posture. Going in I was a little apprehensive as I had a difficult time with needles in the past( I used to go to the hospital for regular steroid injections in my chest=painful).

Mary has a very gifted way of putting you at ease and she has created such a relaxed atmosphere in her practice, that any apprehension I had, was long forgotten soon after we got chatting. I had 6 sessions with Mary at Element Acupuncture. The difference it made not only to my posture but my general health was amazing. It's hard to describe, but I felt kind of free, like a weight had been taken off my back & shoulders. I also felt an increase in my energy levels and a new found boost in confidence. I am continuing to see Mary on a monthly basis.

I see these sessions now as a kind of treat to myself after a hard months work, where I get the opportunity to escape my busy life for an hour and unwind. The best part of this is the feeling of being re-energised and ready to take on whatever life throws at me for the forthcoming month! I would highly recommend Mary Lally and Element Acupuncture to anyone who feels they need to start taking better care of themselves both mentally & physically, and also anyone that is looking for that bit of quality "My Time". This truly is money & time well spent. Thank you Mary."
Rob Kelly, Elite Sports Mind Coaching

"I love Cosmetic Acupuncture.  I can see real changes. Its like having a face lift every week."
- Yvonne King

“Mary has taken all my stress away.  Its a little holiday in the middle of the week having treatment with Mary.  I’ve signed up for the year.”
- Declan Droney

"I attended Mary's practice after months of being nauseous, having weekly migraines and difficulties to sleep.  Traditional medicine failed to diagnose the root cause, Mary did it on the first visit! Going there is not just having needles in,  you benefit from a clean and relaxing environment thanks to the addition of meditation music.  You are also listened to, and the treatment is adapted week to week. Mary really helped me physically and psychologically to be again the actor of my life."
- Maggy